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05/05/2020CardieX makes progress with mobile and wearable device strategy2020
04/24/2020CardieX subsidiary develops world’s first medically-reliable PPG sensor for smartwatches2020
04/27/2020CEO Craig Cooper Updates Proactive On Completion of First Medically Reliable Wearable Sensor2020
03/13/2020CardieX (ASX:CDX) expands two trials for XCEL device – The Market Herald2020
02/25/2020Cardiex Says Still Remain On Track For A Record Sales Year In 2020 – Reuters2020
03/26/2020Cardiex Ltd Announces Additional Contract With Bayer AG – Reuters2020
09/11/2019CardieX enters joint venture with largest Google wearable platform partner in China2019
09/11/2019CardieX shares up on deal with Chinese consumer electronics specialist2019
09/17/2019Consumer wearable app deal sees shares in CDX up 40% – Finfeed, Trevor Hoey2019
11/22/2019Proactive Interview with CEO Craig Cooper2019
12/19/2019CardieX subsidiary wins Bayer AG contract2019
03/03/2020CardieX expands two trials for XCEL device – The Market Herald2020
05/29/2019Senior Healthcare Executive Rhonda Welch Appointed Vice President of Global Marketing2019
10/22/2018Hardening of the Arteries (Atherosclerosis)2018
02/26/2019What is Arterial Stiffness?2019
05/08/2019Hardening of the arteries2019
01/05/2018High dose vitamin D: The remedy for stiff arteries?2018
09/04/2012Stiff Aortic Wall May Lead to Hypertension2012
11/05/2014Stiff artery walls may cause high blood pressure instead of being its consequence2014
04/01/2019Exploring Telehealth. Why telehealth will inspire your clients—and your business—to transform2019
09/05/2018Aubrey Jenkins, CEO of inHealth – 2019 Health Transformer2018
07/24/2018Meet the trailblazers transforming health2018
03/29/2019inHealth Medical Services is revolutionizing obesity treatment2019
01/15/2018Telehealth program results in clinically significant weight loss2018
01/12/2018Telehealth-based weight loss programs show promising results2018
01/11/2018Telemedicine helps people stay on track for weight loss goals2018
01/11/2018Weight loss success linked to telehealth coaching and mHealth devices2018
12/03/2017The efficacy of a telemedicine-based weight loss program with video conference health coaching support2017
02/05/2019Telemedicine-based health coaching Is effective for inducing weight loss and improving metabolic markers2019
04/17/2019Telehealth-based health coaching increases mHealth device adherence and rate of weight loss in obese participants2019
12/04/2017Are You Aging Faster than You Think?2017
08/19/2018Healthcare boss Craig Cooper runs to get away from it all2018
05/21/2018Atcor Medical to trial its technology with wearable cardio monitors2018
07/12/2017Atcor Medical Holdings Limited wins three new contracts2017
12/15/2017AtCor Medical signs $1 million contract with international pharmaceutical company2017
12/01/2016How old is your heart?2016
12/16/2015Australian AtCor jumps on Japanese A&D distro deal2015
07/25/2018CardieX’s wearable blood pressure sensor technology passes trial2018
07/17/2018What’s next for Cardiex as ‘wearables’ trial gets underway2018
07/24/2018CardieX reports on wave analysis technology2018
07/24/2018CardieX conducts successful trial of wearable blood pressure sensor2018
11/27/2017New Blood Pressure Guidelines and How To Control BP Naturally2017