Cardiex specializes in the development of biomarkers and digital solutions for large-scale cardiovascular health disorders

Our Solutions

Our solutions are designed to be deployed at point-of-care for arterial health screening, and as part of a remote patient monitoring regimen to extend care and improve cardiovascular health outcomes.


For Providers

Enable physicians to make more informed treatment decisions based on clinically relevant vascular health data.


For Clinical Trials

Generate reliable, real-world, clinically relevant data to accelerate drug development and commercialization.


For Researchers

Digital vascular biomarkers accelerate a researcher’s understanding of vascular health.


For Patients

Empower individuals with vascular health insights to actively participate in their health journey.


Dr. Joseph Raffaele

Longevity Medicine Specialist

Utilizing digital biomarkers to improve cardiovascular health of patients

Our FDA-cleared technology replaces traditional blood pressure technology as the first-line screening and monitoring of arterial health.

Risk Stratification: Evaluate arterial health and identify those who may be at greater risk of cardiovascular, metabolic, renal, and neurological diseases.

Early Detection of Disease Onset: Stiffening of arteries are an early indicator of disease onset.

Monitoring Progression: Regular assessments track changes over time to signal improvement or worsening disease progression.

Treatment Evaluation: Assess the efficacy of pharmacological and lifestyle interventions.

Spotlight Trial


Artery Society

CARTESIAN aims to explore the immediate and long-term vascular consequences of COVID-19. Our SphygmoCor® XCEL was selected to assess subjects' arterial stiffness and central pressure hemodynamics.

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