Cardiex is a digital health technology company that develops and markets noninvasive patient monitoring technologies for assessing cardiovascular health.

Transforming Cardiovascular Health Assessments

Cardiex is redefining the way hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other major vascular diseases are clinically diagnosed and managed.

Our pioneering SphygmoCor vascular biosensing technology measures arterial health by collecting clinically meaningful digital vascular biomarkers using novel sensors. These biomarkers represent key indicators of cardiovascular health including, but not limited to, central blood pressures, vascular stiffness, vascular age, and heart stress. SphygmoCor has been deployed in multiple clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems to measure arterial health.

One Platform - Multiple High-Value Use Cases

When combined with cloud-based data analytics, we believe our patient-friendly desktop and wearable devices built around the SphygmoCor technology enable key stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem to deliver superior health outcomes using clinically actionable health data and insights.

We also believe that our consumer- facing solutions are creating a new paradigm in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease that is well aligned with the evolution of the healthcare industry as delivery of services becomes increasingly decentralized, patient-managed and consumer- oriented.

Our FDA-cleared and patented SphygmoCor vascular biosensing technology is deployed in more than 4,500 installations worldwide at major medical institutions, research institutions and in numerous clinical trials.

World-First Arterial Health Innovations


Our ATCOR brand of solutions focuses on servicing specialist health care providers, on-site clinical trials, research programs, and hospital networks with a variety of proprietary vascular biomarker solutions.


Our CONNEQT brand of solutions focuses on connected devices and digital solutions targeted to consumer health, remote patient monitoring, decentralized clinical trials, and home health.

SphygmoCor® Technology

Our pioneering technology was enabled by more than 40 years of hemodynamic studies of the cardiovascular system and set the foundation for noninvasive measurement of vascular biomarkers including central aortic pressures and arterial stiffness indices.

40 Years

Founded on 40 years of hemodynamics studies, Validated by 20+ years of research.


The SphygmoCor technology has been independently validated by researchers worldwide and supported studies that resulted in over 2,400+ peer-reviewed publications.

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