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SphygmoCor sets the gold standard in vascular health assessment, offering unparalleled insights into the heart's health beyond traditional cuff blood pressure measurements. This cutting-edge technology accurately analyzes central blood pressures and arterial stiffness - clinically meaningful information that standard cuff measurements simply cannot capture.

Scientifically Proven & Clinically Validated

SphygmoCor stands distinguished by its robust clinical validation across numerous studies and global research initiatives. Its reputation as a trusted tool is not confined to any single region but extends worldwide, garnering the confidence of both researchers and healthcare professionals alike.

SphygmoCor has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in delivering accurate and dependable measurements of central blood pressure and arterial stiffness. Its ability to provide crucial data non-invasively is a game-changer,  opening a window into the state of cardiovascular health that was, until the advent of SphygmoCor, only accessible through invasive medical procedures.

SphygmoCor is not just a tool for today but a foundation for the future of cardiovascular health assessment and management, where patient safety, comfort, and the most advanced insights into cardiovascular health go hand in hand.

Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA)

Pulse wave analysis involves analyzing the characteristics of the arterial pulse wave. It goes beyond traditional blood pressure measurements by providing valuable insights into the elasticity and compliance of arterial walls. These measurements (shown below) offer a more comprehensive understanding of vascular health and can aid in the early detection of cardiovascular risk.

Pulse wave analysis is widely used in cardiovascular research to investigate the impact of various interventions, medications, and diseases on arterial function. It contributes to a better understanding of the pathophysiology of cardiovascular conditions.

Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)

Pulse wave velocity is the speed at which the arterial pulse travels through the circulatory system, specifically between two defined points, typically measured across the aorta. It serves as a key indicator of arterial stiffness, as stiffer arteries transmit the pulse wave more rapidly. Elevated PWV is associated with increased cardiovascular risk and is considered an independent predictor of adverse cardiovascular events.

Monitoring PWV is instrumental in assessing vascular aging and guiding interventions aimed at preserving or improving overall cardiovascular health.

FDA-cleared technology, developed from 40 years of hemodynamic studies and supported by over two decades of extensive research.

SphygmoCor-powered Products

While measuring arterial health parameters had always been considered clinically beneficial, it was not considered for routine out-patient clinical use as it previously required an invasive catheterization procedure with a pressure sensor inserted into the aorta. SphygmoCor set the foundation for the measurement of central aortic pressures and associated vascular biomarkers. Now, routine arterial health assessment is feasible with our suite of SphygmoCor-powered products, allowing for non-invasive, accurate monitoring in clinical, home, and ambulatory settings.

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