CONNEQT Patient App

The CONNEQT App revolutionizes cardiovascular health monitoring by offering patients unprecedented insights from the comfort of their own homes. Paired with the CONNEQT Pulse, this innovative app captures and transfers medically reliable vascular biomarkers, providing a comprehensive view of cardiovascular status beyond traditional blood pressure readings. Users can track brachial and central blood pressures, as well as vascular biomarkers representing arterial health, all displayed within the app's intuitive interface.

By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with medical expertise, the CONNEQT App bridges the gap between patients and their cardiovascular health journey. Whether managing chronic conditions or proactively monitoring health, users can leverage this powerful tool to take control of their cardiovascular health, fostering peace of mind and a proactive approach to long-term well-being.

Available soon on the App Store and Google Play

CONNEQT Patient Management Portal

The CONNEQT Patient Management Portal is a robust platform tailored to empower clinicians with remote monitoring capabilities for patients utilizing the CONNEQT Pulse. By seamlessly integrating with the CONNEQT Pulse device, clinicians can remotely monitor brachial and central blood pressures, and key vascular biomarkers representing arterial stiffness.

The portal provides clinicians with invaluable insights into their patients' cardiovascular health status, enabling timely interventions and personalized treatment plans. With customizable alerts and trend analysis tools, healthcare providers can efficiently identify potential issues and proactively engage with patients to optimize their care.

CONNEQT Decentralized Trial Management Portal

The CONNEQT Decentralized Trial Management Portal represents a groundbreaking platform designed to streamline and enhance the management of decentralized clinical trials. Tailored for research teams and trial coordinators, the portal provides comprehensive monitoring functionalities, allowing trial coordinators to remotely track participant progress, adherence to protocols, and real-time data collection from the CONNEQT Pulse.

With customizable dashboards, advanced analytics, and secure data management capabilities, the portal empowers research teams to gain actionable insights and make informed decisions throughout the trial lifecycle. By streamlining data collection, analysis, and reporting processes, the platform enhances efficiency, reduces administrative burden, and accelerates the pace of clinical research.

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