CardieX is a global health technology company that focuses on hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other vascular health disorders.

Our ATCOR division is the world leader in medical devices for measuring arterial stiffness and central blood pressure waveforms based on our unique FDA-cleared and patented SphygmoCor® technology. More than 4,500 SphygmoCor® systems are currently in use worldwide at many medical and research institutions and supporting various clinical trials with leading pharmaceutical companies. ATCOR’s technology has been featured in over 1,600 peer-reviewed studies published in leading medical journals and thousands of medical citations.

Our CONNEQT subsidiary develops and markets vascular health solutions for remote patient monitoring, decentralized clinical trials, and home health.

The group manufacturing and R&D operations are located in Sydney, Australia. The American subsidiary, ATCOR, is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois. Executive offices are located in Newport Beach, California, and business development for Asian markets is located in Shanghai.