The proprietary technology and IP portfolio of the CardieX group companies covers a significant range of applications from clinically validated methods of quantifying hemodynamic parameters for assessment of cardiovascular health to interactive and interpretative analysis for consumer healthcare management.


  • Gold standard FDA-cleared device for the measurement of central blood pressure and cardiovascular risk parameters (Standard FDA “predicate device”).
  • Proprietary IP & technology in cardiac load, athletic capacity, arterial stiffness, arterial age, and other consumer health diagnostic parameters published in over 2,000 peer-reviewed studies.
  • 18 issued and non-expired U.S. and international patents and 8 pending non-provisional U.S. and international patent applications.
  • 31 U.S. and international trademark registrations and 22 pending U.S. and international trademark applications.
  • Expanding licensing and co-development opportunities in broad medical and consumer health segments.
  • Future applications in “Quantified Athlete”, remote patient monitoring, and broad health categories.