Meet the Winners

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! We’re excited to introduce the winners of the Cardiex Arterial Research Initiative and our Voter Spotlight Honorees. Their groundbreaking work promises to pave the way for new insights and improvements in cardiovascular care. Join us in celebrating their remarkable achievements, and stay tuned for more updates on their inspiring research journeys.

The Cardiex Arterial Research Initiative prizes, worth a total of USD$100,000.00, will be awarded to three winners and consists of Cardiex devices and data support. The prizes are being distributed as follows:

One Grand Prize winner will receive (2) SphygmoCor® XCELs, (20) CONNEQT Pulses, and $15,000 in Data Services.

Two Runner-Up winners will each receive (10) CONNEQT Pulses and $8,500 in Data Services.

Due to the incredible voter response to this initiative, we are also recognizing five Voter Spotlight Honorees, who will each receive (5) CONNEQT Pulse vascular biometric monitors to use in their proposed studies.


Zemin Kuang

Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

Changes in arterial vessel function based on pulse wave analysis in the 130-139/80-89 mmHg blood pressure population: Prospective cohort and intervention study


Runner Up

Jason Au

University of Waterloo

Arterial health throughout cancer treatment and exercise rehabilitation in women with breast cancer

#Cardiovascular #Oncology #Sports Medicine #Women's Health

Runner Up

Junli Zuo

Ruijin Hospital Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

"Central Hypertension"‚ in China: Towards the nation-wide use of SphygmoCor technology for health monitoring in community clinics throughout China, using the Jiading District of Shanghai as a model, with a cohort of 200,000

#Cardiovascular #Women's Health

Voter Spotlight Honorees

Due to the incredible global voting response, we are excited to recognize five additional finalists as Voter Spotlight Honorees. 

Carmel McEniery

University of Cambridge

The POPPY STUDY (Preconception to post-partum cardiovascular function in primigravid pregnancy) Novel use of pressure pulse waveform analysis technologies to identify early risk factors for preeclampsia and other placental syndromes.

#Cardiovascular #Women's Health

Lydia Trainor

Rider University

Effects of vaping e-cigarettes on arterial health

#Cardiovascular #Smoking Cessation

Christopher Hearon

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The hemodynamic and autonomic determinants of elevated blood pressure in obesity-associated hypertension - a potential role for neuropeptide Y


Linda Gallo

University of the Sunshine Coast

Young at heart: Cardiovascular health stations to empower healthy lifestyle behaviours for a lifetime of benefit

#Cardiovascular #Longevity / Anti-aging #Wellness

Audrey Adji

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Non-Invasive assessment of arterial stiffness in advanced heart failure patients supported with mechanical heart assist device in association with their management and outcomes


Remaining Finalists

Lawrence Mulligan

Cooper University Hospital

Impact of cancers therapies on the loss in cardiac function, myocardial ffficiency, and arterial stiffness in women

#Cardiovascular #Oncology

Nathan Piland

Ciatrix, Inc

Relationship between vascular system disfunction, neurofluid flow and Alzheimer's progression

#Cardiovascular #Longevity / Anti-aging #Neuroscience #Respiratory #Wellness

Ram Ramanujan

Diabetic Care Associates

Compare home pulse pressure components collected directly from home

#Cardiovascular #Metabolic

Margo Minissian

Cedars Sinai Health System

Is preeclampsia and spontaneous preterm delivery associated with vascular and cardiac function

#Cardiovascular #Women's Health